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Fete du VOID is an Annual 2 Day Camping, Music & Arts getaway located in heart of Oakdale Louisiana. Led by The Iceman Special, this multi-stage extravaganza celebrates Louisiana's vibrant music scene while featuring artists nationwide. Whether you groove to Rock, Jam, Indie, Electronic, Hip Hop, Funk, or beyond, there’s something electrifying for everyone!

At Fête du VOID, mental health and wellness take center stage. We're dedicated to creating a space where every attendee leaves with a renewed zest for life and connection. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, we have proudly supported over 6 charities focused on mental health and wellness, providing a platform for artists to shine and guests to unwind through music, art, and healing.

We, the creators of Fete du VOID, take pride in the people who help us put on this event and love bringing people together through the beautiful world of music, art, and positive influence. We hope to see you at our festival this year and many years to come.





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