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Moving Around Inside the Festival:

The Hardwood Mill is a beautiful spread of land that we are blessed to share with you. As with most land in Louisiana, this land is not perfect. With that in mind, we’ve done our best to make the grounds as safe as possible. That is why we highly recommend you stay on the paths, that will be easy to see during the day and lit at night. We don’t want anyone to get hurt, so PLEASE WATCH YOUR STEP! At night, you should be using a headlamp or flash light.


Exit & Re-entry

Although Fête du Void is its own little universe, we’re surrounded by the real-world town of Oakdale, Louisiana. With your cooperation we can make sure we’ll be welcomed back in the future. When you’re walking outside the festival grounds, remember that you are Out There— \please follow all roadway and pedestrian rules while being respectful of our neighbors and their property. Show them some love.



Want to take a mid-day nap? No problem. Once you check in at the Front Gate, you’re in, which means you can go to your campsite at any time and will only need to present your festival band again if you leave the festival grounds completely.




We hope you won’t need to leave our little paradise during the festival. But if you do, please wait until Saturday evening, unless there is a serious emergency. It is best to arrive at The Hardwood
with enough supplies to last you the whole weekend.


Lost & Found


Lose something at the festival? Head to the Check-in area (there’s only one) to see if your item has been recovered. If the Check-in doesn’t have it, you shouldn’t give up yet! Contact us via this website with LOST ITEM in the subject line and let us know in a message what you’re missing!



Safety & Medical

We make every effort to create a safe and secure environment at Fête du Void. On-site security and medical staff will be available. If you need any assistance ask any Fête du Void staff member for help.



Medical Services

Lots of things can happen at the Void: bee stings, ant bites, whiplash from dancing like Disco. If you are injured and require further attention, we will have a vehicle on standby to bring you to urgent care or the hospital; if it is a serious injury emergency medical services will be contacted.



WHERE: You can find a sheriff’s deputy at the Front Gate and our staff roaming through every campground, at the entrance to the Main Venue and at all the stages, as well as throughout all of the Main Venue.
We are thankful to have a staff that is well trained to
 make sure everyone has a good time and stays safe.



Food Safety

Please don’t buy from unlicensed vendors. There is lots of great stuff to buy from official Fête du Void vendors, who deserve your business, because they have made a real commitment to support Fête du Void.


Emergency Vehicle Access

Our road might not look like a city street. But for emergency and maintenance vehicles, it does the job as long as you keep them open. Which is what we ask you to do. Please park in designated areas and don’t drive around the site. Walk on the sides of the road, and please let all official vehicles through.

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